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Thank you for visiting our website. We are Kitchell (Kit) Brown and Arturo Salazar and Cerro Lindo is the name we chose for our home site in Mountain Ranch, California, USA. 

About Us

We met and formed our family back in the summer of 1967 in the San Francisco Bay Area. During our active professional careers we lived in various locations in the Bay Area, mostly in the city of San Francisco. Kit worked as a communications engineer and Arturo as a college professor. After our retirements, we moved from San Francisco to Cerro Lindo in 2003. 

We are both licensed amateur radio operators; Kit is WB6QVU and Arturo is N6PGH. Kit particularly enjoys operating via satellites (check out the Ham Radio section). Arturo continues to enjoy some aspects of computer technology, such as putting together this site. We both participate in local organizations and have volunteered in a variety of community and public service activities. We also like the outdoors and enjoy walking in our wonderful neighborhood and nearby parks. And, of course, we love to travel, even though we don't much.

About Our Website

We have organized our site into sections that are listed on the left. Access to a few of these is limited to family and close friends. If you know us and would like to view these pages, please contact us. Please enjoy the narratives and pictures we have placed here. However, we would appreciate it if you do not copy these materials for any purpose other than your personal enjoyment; please do not post to other sites or otherwise re-publish anything from here.

The Local Weather section will direct you to our weather site, which opens in a separate window.

We welcome your opinions and comments; you can send us an email by using the Contact Us page. 

Note: As of February 2009, we are just beginning to build this website. Many pages remain blank with only a brief message indicating the page is under construction. Thank you for your patience and please continue to check from time to time.